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Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living (ADL), are the following self-care activities:

  • Bathing: Assistance with a shower, spa whirlpool bath, or full sponge bath.
  • Dressing: Assistance with fastening buttons/snaps/zippers, and removing clothing. Also includes assistance with prostheses.
  • Toilet Use: Assistance with transferring on and off the toilet, personal hygiene, changing incontinence products, managing ostomy/catheter care, and adjusting clothing as needed.
  • Locomotion: Assistance moving within one’s personal apartment and throughout common areas.
  • Transfer: Assistance moving to/from standing from sitting, such as moving from your bed to a chair.
  • Bed Mobility: Assistance moving to/from a lying position, turning side to side, and body positioning while in bed.
  • Social Engagement: Assistance through cueing, to join activities and engage in social opportunities, redirecting, and one-on-one supervision as needed
  • Medication Management: Management with all medications, including cueing and supervision while taking medications