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Mid Coast–Parkview Health Provides Over $30 Million in Community Benefit

Mid Coast–Parkview Health is proud to announce it delivered $30,683,764 in community benefits in 2019, according to its recently released Community Benefit & Impact Report published online at www.midcoastparkviewhealth.com/here-for-the-community-here-for-you/.

The report outlines Mid Coast–Parkview Health’s diverse efforts to support the community last year, ranging from the over 4,000 free flu shots provided through weekly clinics, to $28.9 million given in free healthcare to those unable to pay.

"Mid Coast–Parkview Health is more than a healthcare organization; it is an institution with profound connections to the community, and this report illustrates our commitment to maintaining and strengthening that connection as time goes on,” said Lois Skillings, President of Mid Coast–Parkview Health. "Our system not only cares for our patients, but also for the long-term health of everyone in our service area, which is central to our mission and the future of the Midcoast region.”

With more than 100 local community partners, Mid Coast–Parkview Health also supported some of the Midcoast’s most vital initiatives last year, including those that funded education, emergency response, public health and housing, recreation, local business, environmental conservation, transportation, mental health counseling, cancer and ALS research, preventative care, as well as other important areas.

Employing nearly 2,100 individuals, Mid Coast–Parkview Health paid over $108 million in annual salaries in 2019, making the organization vital to the local economy. In 2019, Mid Coast also gave over $25 million to 499 Maine vendors, further contributing to the state’s financial health.

The report also outlines Mid Coast–Parkview Health’s clinical achievements in 2019, including delivering 585 babies, 623 emergency paramedic responses, and serving the community’s urgent health needs with over 29,000 Emergency Department visits and more than 19,000 visits to the Mid Coast Hospital Walk-In Clinic.

While these numbers are impressive, Mid Coast also works with local organizations to complete an annual Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to identify ways the organization can help the community most in the coming year. The current CHNA indicates Mid Coast’s plan to designate years of research and support to local initiatives fighting homelessness and transportation needs, as well as dental and early childhood health.

"We understand how social determinants of health can affect a person throughout their lifetime, and we are proud of our systematic approach to helping our community members achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible,” Skillings said.

Skillings also noted that while this report showcases many great highlights, it is based on information and data from 2019 and therefore does not reflect Mid Coast–Parkview Health’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic which began in early 2020. More information about COVID-19 is available at www.midcoasthealth.com/covid19.