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Bill's Story

An accomplished oral surgeon, Dr. William Howell experienced a stroke in July 2015. This affected his speech and mobility on one side of his body. He spent time at Maine Medical Center, New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland, and then transferred care closer to home to Mid Coast Senior Health’s Nursing and Rehabilitation at Bodwell.

Bill and his wife Sally had enjoyed a lifestyle of vigorous outdoor activities, including skiing, biking, hiking and kayaking. As they coped with Bill’s stroke, they experienced a normal grieving process of the life they once knew. Yet they persisted, moving through the recovery process, overcoming the day-to-day obstacles and difficulties of new abilities and skills.

His courage and determination served him well. After a series of difficult rehab activities in a session, he would often say “One more time. Let’s do it again!” His hard work and motivation with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy has allowed him to re-engage in his life.

Upon leaving Mid Coast Senior Health, Dr. Howell continued to utilize rehabilitation services throughout the Mid Coast–Parkview Health system—at home through CHANS Home Health & Hospice, and then with Mid Coast Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation. Having access to this continuum of care allowed him to receive the most right level of care in the most appropriate setting.

Sally was an integral part of Bill’s rehab. She provided just the right amount of support, guidance, and perspective. She summed up their experience with rehab by commenting, “The doctors and nurses saved Bill’s life, but it was the therapists who helped him return to a life worth living.”